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Core Team (current)

Role & Responsibility
David All
Founder, CEO and Changemaker
Bryan Brinkman
Spokesartist, NFT Artist, Changemaker Producer
Jeff Dinkelman
Sr. Full-Stack Developer
Kelsey Driscoll
Chief of Staff
ChangeDAO core team with NFT artists Coldie, Emonee LaRussa and Bryan Brinkman after a gm coffee at 2021
Kelsey Driscoll (right) in conversation with NFT artists Adamtastic, Bryan Brinkman and Klara Vollstaedt

Contribute and Co-Create ChangeDAO!

We welcome your participation and will invite you to a session to learn more about what we're up to and get to know us better. From time to time, we list out some specific areas of need but if you don't see a perfect match, feel free to step forward and submit your information. PRODUCT
  • Front-End engineer: Senior level Vue (or React), experience with Web 3.
  • Middle-layer engineer: Node.js, backend engineer, database engineer, familiarity with Web 3 concepts. Familiarity with no SQL databases would be nice -- we use MongoDB via a Backbone-based ORM.
  • Product management
  • IPFS enthusiasts
  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Podcast Production - familiarity with Audacity or similar editing
  • Administrative support
  • Online Spaces
  • IRL Events
  • Social Impact and nonprofit
  • Web 3
  • Art and media


Several members of the core team first met and worked together as part of ETHGlobal's Scaling Ethereum hackathon. David All and Peter Upapong* first worked together on the same project (PennyDAO), and Jeff Dinkelman worked on a separate team. Both projects were aimed at civic and social change.
Following the event, David started building the story and core team of ChangeDAO. He recruited his long-time freelance art director and designer, Stephanie Dale*, to contribute to the project by creating the visual branding and style guide. He created the first presentation deck to enroll the PennyDAO team, including devs Ed Amor* and Jeff Dinkelman in a new vision for building a platform and global grassroots community for NFTs as a Force for Change.
As the project took shape, additional members of the core team were recruited to fill the growing needs of ChangeDAO. David learned about Bryan Brinkman from his Art Blocks Curated project, NimBuds, but also his reputation and tremendous efforts to promote and connect NFT artists to one another. He joined to lead artist relations and is now our beloved Spokesartist.
Kelsey Driscoll stepped up first to be an early pioneer of the platform on behalf of her nonprofit, but was later recruited to lead Changemaker partnerships and strategy, and then elevated to be our GM.
Along the way, full-stack dev Craig Laparo was introduced to the team and he joined up to lead on front-end. Drew Simon first joined as a contributor and was later elevated to core team and leads our impact storytelling division and produces and hosts our podcast, Proof of Change.
Outside of the core team, ChangeDAO has benefitted from several full-stack developers, technical advice from a brilliant senior smart contract guru at a leading decentralized exchange, has contracted with a UX/UI human-centered designer and an artist for team illustrations, designers, storytellers, Web3 NFT producers, and retained PorterWright as its legal counsel.
From time to time, ChangeDAO expects to make changes to its core team and work with contributors as needed.
In March 2022, ChangeDAO was named a 'Blockchain Breakthrough for a Better World' by Coinbase and Herox.
* Denotes previous Core Team member

ChangeDAO is financially independent and does not have investors or outside stakeholders.