Core Values

ChangeDAO's core values help us align on crucial decisions that move us forward together
Trust, Courage, Innovation, Quality, Community


  • Our Core Team is publicly identified and has an exceptional level of experience meeting the needs for their individual role and responsibility to the project. We hold integrity with one another as a core quality.
  • Our Treasury is managed by core team.
    • Our operations treasury is on-chain in a multi-signature wallet using Gnosis Safe which means that every transaction requires multiple team signatures.
    Fiat / IRL Expense Management
    • Expenses are also managed through a traditional bank account and all distributions are transparent to all members of the core team. Two members of the core team have full access and expenditure authority.
    • We intend to work with an independent third-party on-chain accounting firm to produce reports and auditing.
  • ChangeDAO is 100% independent of financial investors or outside stakeholders.
  • A Changemaker's NFT project is a sovereign smart contract - which means they have 100% transparency and independently-verifiable visibility into all the assets and transfers related to their project. And should they determine to split revenues with other parties, those parties have instant (based on Ethereum blockchain) access to those funds.
  • Our Governance model was developed in collaboration with a partner at PorterWright to ensure the vision and intentions of transparency and community as genuine stakeholder could be realized within the legal framework of the United States.
  • ChangeDAO is designed to ensure its platform and community remain a safer space:
    • Changemakers must apply and be verified on-chain by ChangeDAO managers. ChangeDAO reserves the right to revoke access to its tools and remove projects from its marketplace.


  • ChangeDAO is 100% independent; no financial investors or outside stakeholders.
  • Social change art is provocative by design.


  • The platform is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and treasures the values of the Ethereum community and being a positive participant of the Ethereum ecosystem;
  • Our smart contracts are sovereign and are 100% owned by the Changemaker


  • One of our early technical advisors is a smart contract dev at one of the leading decentralized exchanges and instilled in our team the importance of writing quality code.
  • Our platform has been designed to maximize efficiency and reduce overall gas costs for all stakeholders.
    • For example, Changemakers can create splits to a number of causes and collaborators on a mint sale (up to 35 splits on both mint sale and secondary/Royalties). These funds are held in the smart contract(s), similar to how a multi-party escrow account would work. Funds can be claimed at any time, or at the end of a project, which reduces the total transactions exponentially.
  • Our code minimizes the amount of storage on blockchain, which curbs the overall ecological and financial costs of using ChangeDAO. (More storage on-chain equals higher gas usage.)
  • The art and story of social change created by our Changemakers must meet exceptional quality standards as determined by the core team. Our team works hand-in-hand with Changemakers throughout the process to ensure they maximize their story of social impact.


  • We value impact storytelling, and our podcast, Proof of Change, elevates stories of Changemakers.
  • We bring our community together through all sorts of live events, including our gm Coffee for Change series, NFT Storytellers, and our metaverse artist talks. Check out our blog.
  • ChangeDAO values participation over observation and is building a global grassroots community led by Changemakers.