Decentralization Matters

Decentralization and the Ethereum Public Blockchain

ChangeDAO is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Approved Changemakers Use ChangeDAO to Create Sovereign Smart Contracts:
👩‍💻 With ChangeDAO, approved Changemakers gain access to create decentralized smart contracts to achieve their objectives for their NFTs designed for the Ethereum blockchain. Each smart contract is unique to their administrative wallet address which is stored on-chain. ChangeDAO provides a simple and well-designed interface for Changemakers to make choices for their project. Changemakers are curated by ChangeDAO.
Ξ Changemakers may choose to deploy ("mint") their smart contracts on the public Ethereum blockchain to make them actionable and accessible to the public. Smart contracts are like mini programs running on Ethereum and are reliable and immutable. ChangeDAO is NOT the ethereum blockchain; in fact, the services provided to the Changemaker are available to anyone throughout the world with access to the Ethereum blockchain. If a Changemaker chooses to mint their smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, a fee must be paid by them ("gas") in Ethereum's native cryptocurrency, Ether, to individual miners/nodes in the decentralized Ethereum network as a service. ChangeDAO does not provide Ether to Changemakers or swap or provide any sort of cryptocurrency exchange services. ChangeDAO does not review Smart Contracts. Smart contracts minted on the Ethereum blockchain are permanent, immutable and decentralized. Neither ChangeDAO, nor the Changemaker, have the ability to 'take-down' or remove a smart contract from the Ethereum blockchain. Should a Changemaker violate ChangeDAO's terms of use, ChangeDAO has the ability to remove the Changemaker from its platform.
🧑‍🍳 If you're into cooking, think about ChangeDAO like a top-of-the-line kitchen with all the best tools for any chef in the world to pop-in with their ingredients and flavors and create a dish to take to the market. ChangeDAO is selective about which individual chef's have access to these resources, but does not provide ingredients or require menu items.

ChangeDAO Marketplace provides listings for Changemaker NFTs:

💻 As a decentralized application, has created an easy way for the public to access and engage smart contracts minted to the Ethereum blockchain by Changemakers. To do this, ChangeDAO reads contracts and activity from the Ethereum blockchain to present an elegant, user-friendly way for the public to connect their third-party wallet to the Ethereum blockchain to engage with the project. In the course of creating a project, Changemakers may have stories associated with the project or a profile that's stored and accessed from our local databases and is not stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
🚫 ChangeDAO has the ability to remove or "not display" content on One example could be that a Changemaker violates the ChangeDAO Terms of Use; ChangeDAO has the authority to remove the content from its platforms, servers, and other related sites. ChangeDAO has no ability to remove content from the Ethereum blockchain.

Check out Governance to learn more about our aims to increase decentralization throughout ChangeDAO