NFTs as a Force for Change™️

ChangeDAO is a first-of-its-kind NFT Giving Platform.

Our mission is a design statement

“How do we maximize the social impact of Changemakers leveraging art as NFTs?"

Introducing NFT Giving powered by ChangeDAO

Who is a Changemaker?
A Changemaker is a problem-solver with a strong personal and professional reputation, demonstrated record of moving change and culture forward, and an extraordinary story to tell about making a positive change in the world. Changemakers are also artists, musicians, social entrepreneurs, composers, journalists, photographers, social impact DAOs, academics, inventors, nonprofits, community builders, and so on.

Changemakers Are Curated

ChangeDAO is using curation standards to create an ecosystem of world-class Changemakers that our world needs and deserves. ChangeDAO is not for everyone.
Changemakers seeking an invitation to create and list artworks and digital assets for sale as NFTs through NFT Giving powered by ChangeDAO must submit an application. Each application is carefully evaluated by our team in accordance with our core values. This is a process that starts with understanding better who you are in the world. If approved by ChangeDAO, Changemakers' Ethereum wallet address is stored on the Ethereum public blockchain as a Changemaker, granting them exclusive administrative access to their suite of ChangeDAO Ethereum blockchain creator tools. Access to ChangeDAO creator tools is a privilege and Changemakers must abide by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
ChangeDAO is an independent technology company being built with a community of Changemakers

Why Ethereum? is built on the Ethereum blockchain; we believe in the values of Ethereum; and we are proactive participants in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Get in Touch

Reach out through our contact form (preferred) or email us at [email protected].
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