Seven Stories of Social Change

Share Your Story. Be the Change.

At on November 2, 2021, ChangeDAO announced its contest seeking to elevate seven stories of social change. Seven extraordinary personal stories of Changemakers -- one to help represent each of ChangeDAO’s seven areas of change.

ChangeDAO founder David All announcing ChangeDAO's Seven Stories for Social Change Contest at

7 Stories of Social Change

In February 2022, we held a group exhibit on Twitter Spaces and the Metaverse uplifting the changemakers we selected.
On February 24, 2022 ChangeDAO elevated the 7 Changemakers selected for its 7 Stories of Social Change Contest
ChangeDAO started to elevate the 7 personal stories of its seven changemakers on February 24, 2022 with a globally accessible shared experience that took place on both Twitter Spaces and in the metaverse. Click here to visit the metaverse space. Watch the video:
Watch the Group Show